Smoking without smoke!

written by: carol88 This title might amaze you,but with electronic cigarette coming in the market,its absolutely valid.Tobacco cigarette is not only bad to smoker,but also to everyone else around them.The reason being smoke generated from lightning of cigarette, consists of … Read More

South Beach smoke: Smoke without fear!

written by: carol88 Everyone will tell you that smoking is injurious to health.With the introduction of Electronic cigarette this pre conceived notion is challenged.South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette offers this advantage and the most authentic cigarette smoking experience.It relies on … Read More

South Beach Smoke

written by: gaurav19 I was a chain smoker, i use to smoke more than 20 to 30 cigarettes per day. My family always had this issue with me as smoking was affecting my health and the smoke it produces irritates … Read More

Are electronic cigarette safe?

written by: carol88 Looking at the harmful effects of conventional cigarette, smokers are finding out ways to stop smoking cigarette. Gadget known as v2 cigs electronic cigarette allow smokers to carry on smoking ,while minimising the health related issues. E … Read More

Who Would Not Like To Have The Best Cigarette?

There are several brands of e-cigarettes (, which are sold in the market. The numbers of these cigarette brands are rising every day. The price of each brand varies and it depends entirely upon which brand cigarette you are eager … Read More